Double Stroller Tips

If you are only taking one small child to the Walt Disney World Resort, you only need a single stroller. But what if you have two children under the age of about five? You're going to need a double stroller for them.

You don't have to have twins to be on the lookout for Disney stroller rentals that include double strollers. As long as the children weigh less than 100 pounds combined, any two can travel safely in a double stroller. I'm sure that you can imagine the possibilities, ranging from genuine twins through what used to be rather rudely called "Irish twins" or "Catholic twins" (i.e. siblings born less than a year apart through not using family planning techniques - it's a pity there isn't a better term for this relationship, as siblings this close do have a special bond which is nearly as close as a true twin bond) to a baby plus a five-year-old. But not matter what your situation is, you have to look out for certain features when it comes to Disney stroller rentals.

First of all, you need (boom, boom) a stroller that is designed for two children. Putting two children into a stroller designed for one can be quite dangerous. No matter where you put the larger of the children, you will be upsetting the balance and changing the design centre of gravity of the single stroller. This has two effects. Firstly, it makes the stroller harder to push and manage, especially around steps and off kerbs. What's more, putting two children in a single stroller makes the stroller more liable to tip, which is really dangerous. And doing this has a whole lot of other hassles - what are you going to do with the back of the stroller seat if one child is asleep and needs to lie down while the other wants to sit up and look around all the sights that Disney World has to offer? And the stroller hood, no matter how big, won't offer any shade - or shower protection - to one of the children. So the first thing you need to make sure of when you choose your Disney stroller rentals is to get a proper double stroller.

Next, you need to make sure that your double stroller is safe. It's vital that the stroller has good brakes that the pushing parent can apply, and it's just as vital for the stroller to have a good harness system - which means two different harnesses, one for each child. These harnesses should be adjustable so they fit all children who are able to fit into the stroller snugly and securely. If the Disney stroller rentals you are considering don't have these safety features, forget them.

Next on the list of things to check for when choosing Disney stroller rentals is the hoods. It gets rather hot in this part of Florida, so it's vital that you provide this type of sun protection to your children. What's more, because Disney World is nearly in the tropics, rain showers can arrive quickly and heavily, and the hood helps to keep the rain off - if the double stroller of your choice also has a weather cover, all the better! As a hood that offers good sun and general weather protection is usually pretty big, having clear windows in the top that allows you to see the children in the stroller is a must - and they can see you.

And you need to consider yourself when choosing Disney stroller rentals. Is the double stroller you are interested in easy to manoeuvre? There's no denying that pushing two children in a stroller can be quite demanding at the best of times, so make it easy for yourself by choosing a rental stroller that has sturdy but lightweight construction and swivel wheels for getting around corners and for dodging hazards. One tip to make pushing a double stroller with children of different ages and weights easier is to have the children swap sides from time to time, especially if you are using the stroller for a long period, which you will be if you are visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. You will always have to push harder with the side of your body that the larger child is on, and swapping the sides will mean that the different sides of your body get worked evenly.

Another manoeuvrability factor to consider when selecting Disney stroller rentals is to think about the width of the double stroller. You're going to be kicking yourself if you choose a double stroller that fits your two kids beautifully but can't fit through the average door without a lot of jiggling and gymnastics. Ideally, a double stroller should be about 30 inches wide - which is ample for two small children - so it can fit through an average door without difficulty.

It's good that you don't always need twice as much storage capacity to cart about the things that two children need compared to what you would need if you were on the lookout for normal (i.e. single) Disney stroller rentals. However, you do need plenty of storage space, as you will need to carry drinks, snacks and spare clothing (etc!) for both children, as well as things that can be shared by both, such as wet wipes for grubby fingers and faces, or books for entertaining children waiting in the long queues typical of the Walt Disney World resort. You shouldn't have to lump all this stuff on your back - use the storage areas in the double stroller. If possible, keep an eye out for Disney stroller rentals that make a chiller pack accessory available - it can get very hot in the middle of the day, and a nice cold drink helps everyone (that's you and your children) keep your cool.


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